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Fabulosa In-Wash Fragrance Boost - Fresh Breeze

Fabulosa In-Wash Fragrance Boost - Fresh Breeze

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Designed to enhance your washing experience, this fragrance-enhancing booster provides an engaging and long-lasting scent for your garments. With enough power for as many as 22 washes, just a small amount of this booster transforms every wash into a sensory journey of freshness.

Treat your fabrics to a touch of luxury and let your clothes shine with a delightful, long-lasting freshness. The fragrance notes of Fabulosa Fragrance Booster Wash Fresh Breeze take you on a journey through a field of flowers, with rich notes of gardenia and ylang, refreshed by light accents. The heart of the fragrance reveals a lush blend of rose, jasmine, lilac and mimosa, resting on a base of patchouli, musk and sandalwood, enriched with warm notes of amber, tonka and subtle hints of vanilla.

Easy to add to your usual laundry routine, this fragrance-enhancing booster will leave an enchanting scent on all your garments. Enjoy an unparalleled freshness that excites the senses and envelops your laundry with the irresistible scent of Fabulosa Fragrance Booster Wash Fresh Breeze. Make every wash an experience of pure luxury and pampering for your clothes.

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