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Swiffer Kit Floor Cleaner + Dry Floor Wipes And Duster + Refill Ideal For Pets

Swiffer Kit Floor Cleaner + Dry Floor Wipes And Duster + Refill Ideal For Pets

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Captures and holds up to 3 times more dust and hair than a regular broom and feather duster

  • Starter kit: 1 floor cleaner + 8 dry floor wipes refills, and 1 duster handle + 1 duster refill
  • Duster: Shake refill briefly before using for optimal Trap & Lock action thanks to the thousands of lightly coated fluffy fibers
  • Dry: Place the refill on the floor cleaner, the 360° swivel head helps to get even under furniture such as a bed or sofa
  • Great for removing pet hair

Swiffer Floor Cleaner and Duster set is the solution for clean floors and surfaces. On one hand, the Swiffer Floor Cleaner catches and holds dirt, dust and hair on any floor surface in your home much better than a regular broom.

It can also be used to complement your vacuum cleaner, to catch the fine remaining dust or as a cleaning tool in between, a trick to avoid cleaning too thoroughly. Thanks to the thickness and specific pattern of the dust wipes and their anti-static effect, the Swiffer Floor Cleaner captures and holds 3X more dust and hair compared to a traditional broom. On the other hand, the Swiffer Duster captures and holds dust, hair and allergens from dust mites, cats and dogs on all surfaces thanks to its thousands of lightly coated fluffy fibers.

The Duster cleaning wipes feature unique fibers that change shape. This allows you to reach the hardest-to-reach spots to remove dust and hair from almost any surface without spreading it around the house. They are especially useful for removing your pets' hair that is constantly falling out or if you suffer from dust allergies.
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