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Spunj the Ultra Absorbent Sponge (pink)

Spunj the Ultra Absorbent Sponge (pink)

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Make cleaning a pleasure with this wonderful sponge that not only absorbs dirt effortlessly, but also leaves a streak-free, radiant shine. Be amazed as you effortlessly achieve amazing results and perfectly clean your home in no time.

This extraordinary sponge has an incredible capacity to hold up to 7 times its own weight in water. Spilled liquids disappear like snow in the sun, condensation on shower walls is removed without any problems and drying your car after washing becomes a piece of cake. This sponge is also the ultimate solution for removing hair, dust and other dirt.

Say goodbye to drippy stuff, because this sponge keeps itself tidy and ensures a shiny, flawless result. After a quick rinse, the sponge is reusable again and again, allowing you to enjoy its magical properties dozens of times.

The pack contains 1 vibrant pink sponge that not only provides powerful cleaning power, but also adds a pop of color and joy to your cleaning routine. Meet the Spunj sponge and discover a new world of efficient, enjoyable and perfect cleaning!
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